Nine years ago, somewhere between trying to land our first kick flips and building dirt jumps in the front yard, the concept of Metab was born.

From iron-on prints and sponsoring games of p.i.g in the shed to a full line of clothing and sponsoring the world’s largest action sports festival, we’ve come a long way. And while our style has progressed and attitudes have changed, our inspiration remains the same.

Action sports are more than just a hobby. They’re about passion, commitment, and pushing yourself past your comfort zone in order to achieve that feeling of accomplishment we all strive for.

This desire for progression isn’t limited to action sports. It’s what propels business professionals to the top; it’s what drives scientists to new discoveries, it’s what gets us out of bed every morning.

This desire is what Metab represents. The getting to work after late nights, that extra lap, the last rep. the bruises, bumps, and breaks, the feeling of achieving something for the first time, and the battle to do it all over again.

For 2011, with more events, a bigger team, and more products, we’re coming out stronger than ever. We’ve got a super exciting year ahead of us and hope you’ll join us for the ride.